What can be done 'now' for the future of the Earth
The "World Water Festival" is a project aimed at addressing the increasingly serious water pollution and environmental issues in modern society through gratitude and action. Water is a precious resource deeply related to people's health and livelihoods. We express gratitude for water and work together to conserve it. We are recruiting people around the world who can empathize with us. Activities include "holding the World Water Festival," "environmental protection to circulate clean water," and "disseminating information on water, prayer, environment, and technology.

The World Water Festival 2024 in Aso

The World Water Festival 2024 in Aso has been scheduled to take place on September 21 (Saturday) and 22 (Sunday) at the outdoor theater Aspecta in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Results of the World Water Festival Prayer for Water Experiment

We would like to report on the results of the
Prayer for Water Experiment we conducted
during the World Water Festival.
We prepared local spring water in a large
glass bowl on the day of the festival and
prayed to it together with local participants
and participants from the Internet.
Then we investigated how that water changed.
On the day of the event, approximately
100 people on site and about 500 people via
the Internet participated live in the event,
and we prayed with everyone at the same time.

We would like to introduce some of the
words and phrases we used in the Prayer
for Water Ceremony here.
Firstly, we chanted a prayer called
"Blessing of the Waters".
It is a prayer of the following words


We pray for healing blessings
from the rain...

We pray for healing blessings
from the waterfalls...

We pray for healing blessings
from the rivers…

We pray for healing blessings
from the Mother Ocean

We pray that their blessings heal our mind
and our body.

We pray that ALL our Waters
so pure and sacred

We pray that their blessings heal
our Mother Earth

Through our pure intention of love
and gratitude to our Waters

We pray that the Water show us the right
mindful path to live in Peace & Harmony

We chanted these words in both Japanese
and English


Afterwards, we chanted the four words of
Ho’Oponopono which Masaru Emoto had always
chanted in past Prayer for Water Ceremonies
in both Japanese and English. 

They are
"Water, I'm sorry,"
"Water, please forgive me,"
"Water, I love you,"
"Water, thank you.”

Then everyone offered prayers of love
and gratitude to the water.

People who participated via the Internet
were asked to pray over the screen for the water.
After the Prayer for Water Ceremony,
the World Water Festival was successfully closed.


Prayer for Water Experiments

To give you an idea of what kind of research
we did, we first conducted a water crystal
experiment at Office Masaru Emoto
to observe how the crystal structures
change before and after prayer.

In addition, we had a visit from Sawamoto Shoji,
a Kanazawa-based company that specializes
in water quality research, to examine various
aspects of water quality, and we also tested the
energy of water using the GDV developed by
Dr. Korotkov, who spoke at the Opening Event.


Results of Experiments


Water Crystal Photos

We would like to report the results
of the crystal photos.
The water used for the Prayer for
Water Experiment was spring water from
the property of Gensei Kure, a local resident
who is one of the organizers of the Festival.

 The crystal photos of “Before Prayer” were
taken from the water that had been sent to
our laboratory before the World Water Festival.
The “Before Prayer” photos show that they
are very close to crystallizing, but they have
not yet crystallized properly.


In comparison, photos of “After Prayer”,we
have selected four symbolic photos to post here.
 You can see that they have transformed very
beautifully, reflecting the Hado (vibration)
shapes that we all prayed for.
They are such lovely and beautiful shapes.


Crystal photo before prayer

Crystal photo after prayer



Crystal photo after prayer

Water Quality Test

The following is the result of the aforementioned
test conducted by Sawamoto Shoji,
and it shows the results of 17 different water
quality tests, the most notable of
which is the COD value.
COD stands for Chemical Oxygen Demand.
It is used as an indicator to measure pollution
caused by organic matter contained in water.
The lower the COD value, the less pollution
and the cleaner the water.
The COD value changed from 15 to 7.
Sawamoto Shoji, who has been conducting
water quality surveys for many years,
also commented that it was
"impossible" for such a large numerical
change to occur in such a short period
of time from the same water.

Generally, it is said that a numerical value of
10 or higher is difficult for fish to live in,
but it has changed to a value where carp
and crucian carp can live.
The first measurements were taken a few
hours before the prayer ceremony,
and when the exact same water wasmeasured
a few hours after the prayer ceremony,
such a big change was found.

 Other values show a decrease in
electrical conductivity
(higher values indicate more inorganic salts).
This may be due to the fact that organic
matter in the water, such as minerals,
became finer as a result of prayer,
which consumed oxygen, which in turn broke
down the inorganic salts and made them finer.
The electrical conductivity of the water
also became one of the ideal values.

Measurement with GDV

We also made measurements using a device
called GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization),
which was developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov,
a Russian scientist who supported the World Water
Festival and performed at the Opening Event.

 In the case of water measurement using GDV,
we observe the water pushed out of a syringe
(water droplet) and the luminescence emitted
by a high electromagnetic field.
The high electromagnetic field causes the
water droplets to discharge with luminescence,
which is captured by a CCD camera.

The captured images can be analyzed
for parameters such as the size, movement,
shape, and brightness of the luminescence
using dedicated software, making it possible
to compare various types of water numerically.

 In the results of the water test measured
at this GDV, the intensity of the water's brilliance showed the obvious significant difference.
It can be inferred that the prayers everyone
offered strengthened the photons in the water
and increased the degree of brilliance.


As for the results of the Prayer for Water Experiment, the crystal photographs show that the water absorbed and remembered the energy of the prayer, creating beautiful crystal structures, and the water quality test and GDV measurement show that the water has improved due to the increase of photons and the decomposition of organic matter and minerals by everyone’s pure prayer for water. We can conclude that the quality of the water was improved.


The water, which had memorized the vibrations
of our prayer, was discharged into Lake Hamana
at the prayer ceremony held the next day
at Ikarise, Lake Hamana.
From Lake Hamana, the water eventually
flowed into the Pacific Ocean and
spread throughout the world.

Demonstration Test of GDV's Prayer Effect on Water
Support by Sawamoto Shoji






World Water Festival

Connect the whole world as ONE, 
and pray for peace together

Opening Event
October 1-15
We will upload the videos of lectures given by teachers who are active in various fields such as environmental activism, water and prayer research, and art on You Tube.

Main Ceremony
October 16
@Hotel Concorde Hamamatsu

Projection mapping with demonstrations of Japanese drums, sword dance, dancing, singing, etc.
and songs, and projection mapping will be performed.
(You Tube LIVE)

Prayer Ceremony
October 17
@Ikarise, Bentenjima, Hamanako

Music and dance artists, and
Prayer masters of various races
and religions from all over the world
Each of them will bring out their
individuality and harmonize them to
Prayers to the water will be offered in harmony.
(You Tube LIVE)
The World WILL Change.

If I Change, the World Will Change.

Now, Let's Open the Door

of a Great Future Together.

Grateful for Water, the Source of Life

Share Japanese spirituality with the world


Pray and embrace all beings with

love and harmony on earth.


Opening Ceremony

The relationship between water, the source of life, and human beings
The power of prayer and world peace
Japanese culture and Japanese spirituality
Video lectures from each professor

Past participants and organizers.

Gerald H. Pollack
Professor, Department
of Biomolecular Engineering,
University of Washington
  • Profile

    Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.
    One of the world leaders in both
    science and engineering.
    His interests range from biological motion
    and cell biology to the interactions between biological surfaces and aqueous solutions.

    His interests cover a wide range of fields.
    Founder and Editor-in-chief of the academic journal 'Water: A Multidisciplinary Research Journal'Founder and Chairman of “Annual Conference on Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water",
    held annually since 2005.
    Honorary Doctor of the Ural State University
    in Yekaterinburg, Russia.Honorary professor
    of the Russian Academy of Sciences
    and foreign member of the Academy
    of the Reublika Srpska.
    Founding Distinguished Member
    of the American Institute for
    Medical Biotechnology and Distinguished
    Member of the American Heart Association
    and the Biomedical Engineering Society.
    Established IVS (Institute for Venture Sciences) 'Association for Venture Sciences') in 2013.Recently, he founded a company called 4th-Phase Inc to apply and develop new water-related
    technologies and producing water without
    any impurities by collecting only water
    from the exclusion layerThe company has developed, among other things, a 'filter without a filter' that produces water free
    of impurities by collecting
    only water from exclusion layers.

    He has received numerous awards, including the Best Lecturer Award from the University of Washington in 2008 and the Director's Award from the National Institutes of Health in 2009.His book, The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solids
    , Liquids and Gasesis published by Natural Spirit.
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 Tetsu Shiratori
Film director
  • Profile

    Representative of the Earth Revival Project

    Title: Film director,
    Actor and Voice actor Actor/voice actor with
    an approach to the global environment.

    Nine theatrical films have been released,
    questioning the human condition
    from the point of view of the human race.
    He is currently distributing 23 short films
    in line with the vision of the
    “Earth Revival Project”.
    The film “INORI” (Prayer ) won
    the Grand Prix at the Manhattan
    International Film Festival in New York.
    It has won awards at numerous
    international film festivals.
    It was screened in theatres for
    three years and three months,
    making it the longest-running film
    of all time in Japan.

     He has also held an online room,
    “On-okuri” (Paying-it-forward).
    He is currently promoting the realization
    of his vision together with film production.


    Earth Resuscitation Project


  • Movie Production

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Special Conversation

Foster Gamble
Film director

Yoshinari Ichimura
Future Creation Consultant 


  • Foster Gamble Profile

    Foster Gamble isthe Researcher,
    Co-Writerand Visual Designer of the documentary

    What On Earth Will It Take?
    and THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes.
    Previously,Foster was CEO of MindCenter
    Corporation and an instructor
    in the non-violent martial art of Aikido.

    He was the on-screen host forthe PBS
    documentary Aikido -The Way of Harmony
    and created three consulting services -Interaction

    Dynamics (communication/conflict resolution),
    LifeBalance and Zonesport
    which he has delivered throughout the country.


  • Yoshinari Ichimura Profile

    Meditates since the age of 3.Started computer
    programming at an early age.At the age of 10,
    due to his father's business failure,
    He experienced a sudden night flight
    and startedhis own business
    when he was in primary school. 

    In 1997, at the age of 23, he started
    the first various internet businesses in Japan.
    He runs the Japan Art Business Foundation
    and an online community for thousands of people,
    as well as an online Hado(“vibration”) schoolto
    train experts to use Hado equipments. 

    He is currently running several corporations
    in Japan and Singapore, supporting and training
    new age leaders with a cosmic mindset.

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Kota Sugiyama
  • Profile

    Born in Okayama Prefecture in 1983.
    Born as the fourth of seven siblings,
    he is now the father of eight children.

    He founded his company at the age of 22,
    and through Sake brewing,
    and pickle making, and agriculture,
    he learned that microorganisms
    are involved in all aspects of human life.

    With the materials developed by his father
    that activate the power of microorganisms
    to the maximum extent,
    he has been working to restore ponds,
    rivers, oceans, and soils around the world
    to their natural cycle.
    He has visited about 20 countries,
    mainly in Southeast Asia.

    He has been involved in water purification
    and soil improvement.
    His activities have been featured on
    "Gaia no Yoake" (Bussiness TV)
    and in many other media in Japan.


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Brahma Kumaris in India




  • Shivani Profile

    BK Shivani is a practitioner
    of Rajyoga Meditation of the
    Brahma Kumaris for over 22 years.

    Her practical application of
    spiritual principles on the TV
    programme 'Awakening With Brahma Kumaris',
    for over 13 years has empowered people
    to overcome issues of emotional distress,
    depression and relationship conflicts. 

    In March 2019, she was awarded
    the prestigious Nari Shakti Puraskaar,
    the highest civilian honour for women in India,
    for her role in transforming human behaviours. 

    She has been appointed as Goodwill Ambassador
    by the World Psychiatrist Association.

    She is an Electronics Engineer from Pune University. 

  • Jayanti Profile

    For the last 50 years,
    Sister Jayanti has worked tirelessly
    to promote positive, human,
    spiritual values to all sectors of society.

    Her wise and compassionate insights
    shine a light of clarity and
    relevance on the complex issues of today.

     Based in the UK, she is Additional
    Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris,
    the Director of the Brahma Kumaris
    for Europe and the Middle East,
    and a respected public speaker
    on diverse platforms,
    ranging from environmental issues
    and women’s upliftment to interreligious
    dialogues and health and wellbeing. 

    She has touched and inspired millions
    of people throughout the world. 

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Yukinori Matsushita
eMa-Sound developer
  • Profile

    After graduating from the Department 
    of Applied Science and Chemistryat
    Tokyo Denki University,
    he went to the UK in 1972 to study
    cybernetics and ergonomics at
    Loughborough University of Technology,
    where he received his Master of
    Science (M.Sc.) degree.

     He became a researcher at the UK
    Ministry of Health and Welfare,
    where he was involved in research 
    into the creation of human models 
    for wheelchair durability tests and the design
    of fully automatic ambulances with AI functions.
    He then worked for several companies in Europe,
    the USA and Japan on a number
    of computer installations,software development
    and operations before setting up
    his own company in the UK,
    working in the information sector.

     Fascinated by the fact that his third daughter,
    who suffered from congenital arthritis,
    for which no cure was available at the time,
    was completely cured after being treated
    by Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners,
    he began studying under Dr. Manners
    in 1991 and became the first
    Japanese doctor of cymatics
    and bio-energetics medicine
    (Dr. of Cymatics and Bio-Energetics Medicine)
    and opened his own practice in the UK.

     In 1995, he introduced this therapy
    to Japan for the first time and returnedto Japan
    in 2002, 30 years after his stay in the UK.
    He founded the predecessor of the current
    eMa Sound and became its representative director.
    While practising therapy herself,
    she also trains therapists,and is committed
    to raising awareness of Manners Theory,
    further technical innovations
    and dissemination activities.

     He has given many lectures and conducted
    joint  research in Europe,the US and Japan,
    and has treated a total of more than 50,000 people.
    Since Dr Manners' death in August 2009,
    she has been internationally recognised
    as the leading inheritor of Manners' theory.

    He is currently the Chairman of eMa-Sound Inc.

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Konstantin Korotkov
Professor of Biophysics
  • Profile

    Professor of Biophysics,
    St. Petersburg State Industrial University

    Deputy Director of the National
    Physical Education Institute

    Consultant for Estee Lauder Corporation
    and Aveda Corporation
    (both in the United States)

     Dr. Korotkov has published over 200 papers
    in leading physics and biology
    journals and holds 17 patents.
    He has a deep respect for all life
    and has been leading research activities
    for more than 30 years,
    combining his curiosity for the soul
    with rigorous scientific methods.
    43 training sessions, international conferences,paper presentations,
    workshops and other lectures
    in more than 100 countries.

    The GDV
    (Gas Discharge Visualization Technology)
    developed by Dr. Korotkov has been
    recognized as a medical technology
    by the Russian Ministry of Health,
    as well as certified in Europe and India,
    and is currently used
    by over 1000 doctors, practitioners,
    and researchers worldwide.

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Miyuki Hasekura
Painters and Writers
  • Profile

    In addition to expressing her joy
    of life through art and writing,
    she has been described as a
    'miracle artist' for her wide-ranging,
    genre-defying activities, ranging
    from art to science, fashion and economics.
    As one of Japan's leading female painters,
    she is active both in Japan and abroad.

    In 2017, she was awarded the National Peace
    Medal in the Arts and Culture category
    by the National Gandhi Memorial, India.
    In 2018, she represented Japan
    at an art exhibition in London.
    In 2019, she won the third prize in the world
    at an international art competition.
    Since then, she has been based
    in Florence and Tokyo.

    She has also published various
    other highly acclaimed educational contents,
    such as her face as a Gagaku poet
    and learning methods for the next generation.
    Her main publications include
    "The Process of Transformation
    Beginning with Corona Shock",
    "The Age of 2025 Has Begun",
    "The Secret of Rich Money to Make
    the Universe Your Friend"
    (all from Tokuma Bookstore),
    OTOHIME (Neue Erde in Germany) and others, which have sold a total of 500,000 copies.

     Representative director of the General
    Incorporated Association for the Promotion
    of Akeno-Uta Gagaku.
    Honorary member of the Royal Society
    of British Artists.

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Michiko Hayashi
Global Director,
Emoto Peace Project
  • Profile

    Title: Global Director of “EMOTO PEACE PROJECT” Non-Profit Organization

    She worked as a personal assistant
    to Dr. Masaru Emoto for almost 11 years.
    He was the founder of the Emoto Peace Project,
    the pioneer of HADO (vibration),
    researcher of water,
    and author of world best-seller
    “The Message from Water”,
    “The Hidden Messages in Water”, etc.

    She is the successor of his legacy,
    distributes children’s book
    “The Message from Water” for free to children,
    and gives lectures to share the truth about water,
    how water absorbs all the surrounding
    vibrations as well as how water is deeply
    connected with our consciousness.

    Everyone will learn the most beautiful
    vibration and importance

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Teruo Higa
Doctor of Agriculture,
EM Developer
  • Profile

    Born in 1941 in Okinawa, Japan,
    he is a developer of EM.
    Professor emeritus at the University of the Ryukyus.
    Director of International EM Technology Center.

    Chairman of Asia-Pacific Natural Agriculture Network,
    Councilor of International Nature Farming Research Center,
    Councilor of Japan Flower Association, Chairman of
    United Networks for Earth Environment,
    a certified NPO, and Chairman of the Committee of
    "National Flower Town Development Competition"
    sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture,
    Forestry and Fisheries and Ministry of Land,
    Infrastructure and Transport (1991-2015).

    His publications include
    "All About Love and Microbes:
    An Introduction to New Quantum Mechanics"
    (co-authored, Hikarland "Japanese only")
    in September 2017 
    "The Essence of Japan"
    (Bungei Academy "Japanese only")
    in August 2019.
    Other publications include
    "Earth Saving Revolution (1), (2), (3)"
    "Future Reborn"
    (Sanmark Publishing) 
    "Agricultural Use of Microbes
    and Environmental Conservation"

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Doctor of Science,
Advisor to Office Masaru Emoto
Representative Director,
Miyamoto Mfg
  • Profile

    Born in 1949 in Tokyo.

    He took over his father's auto parts factory,
    Miyamoto Seisakusho,
    and shifted to a management strategy that prioritized
    new business development.
    After working in automotive parts,
    golf butter, and water tank purifiers,
    he developed "Washtub Magu-chan" in 2013.
    The total sales of the Washtub
    Mug-chan series has exceeded 7 million units.

    He continues to manufacture products
    with the belief that the beautiful earth left behind
    by our ancestors must be left beautifully intact
    for the next generation.

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Takuya Hosokawa
Former captain
  • Profile

    Born in Osaka, 1969.
    Photographer of light,

    After working for a biker gang,
    a disco blackout, and an unscrupulous
    real estate agent,he is currently the president
    of Daiwa Green Life Hyogo, Inc.
    which builds organic healthy houses.

    In 2016, his house was chosen
    as the most comfortable house
    in Japan by Dantotsu in the
    "National Survey on Comfort of Living"
    conducted by Professor Ikaga
    and others at Keio University.

    In 2012, his spirituality suddenly began to
    open up after visiting Ise Jingu Shrine,
    and the "light photos" he took while touring
    over 7,000 sacred sites throughout Japan
    became a hot topic on Facebook,
    leading to the publication of
    "Just Look and Happiness Will Pour In! Hikari no Shashin"
    (Photographs of Light), published by Makino Publishing,
    became a bestseller.

    He is the former national commander of the
    "Baramakucha-tai," which aims to purify the environment
    with microorganism-activated materials.

    He has about 20,000 followers
    on his official Instagram page. 

    In addition to his day job,
    he is currently teaching throughout the country
    that the practice of the Official Foot Stomping Health Method
    and Ho'o Pono Pono will lead to the realization
    of mental and physical health,
    which in turn will lead to the realization
    of the health of the earth.

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2022  October 16 , You Tube LIVE

Speaker Profile

"Inori / Prayer" 
Dr. Bruce Lipton
Cell Biologist
  • Profile

    Bruce H. Lipton,
    Ph.D. is an internationally recognized
    cellular biologist who taught cell
    biology at the University of Wisconsin School
    of Medicine and later performed pioneering studies
    at Stanford University's School of Medicine.

    His breakthrough research on the
    cell membrane in 1977 made
    him a pioneer in the new science of epigenetics.

    He is author of The Biology of Belief
    and a sought after keynote speaker
    and workshop presenter,
    and has appeared on radio and television.

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Angela Lisa

Light Dance Artists

  • Profile

    Commemorating the Receipt of the Order
    of the Un Classemant Publique Commandeur
    of the French Order of Merit

    Artistic Director of Peacemudra Art Company

    While in college, she represented Miss Japan
    and Miss Asia Japan and made courtesy visits to the
    Prime Minister's residence and embassies of various countries.

    She made her professional debut in a Japanese musical, and performed in a Toho Musical directed by Amon Miyamoto. She became a Toho Musical actress in a production directed by Amon Miyamoto, and worked for many years at the forefront of Mao Daichi's works.
    Later, she was chosen to be a heroine in Bollywood, the largest number of Indian films produced in the world, and her leading role was selected for the 6th International Dance Video Festival.

    She has also created and presented "Dance of Light," which conveys the spirit of prayer through art, in collaboration with Bollywood actresses, and has performed at the Hammershold Auditorium at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and at the Int. Japan.  He has also performed at the Futarasan Shrine of Nikko Toshogu, Ise Jingu Shrine, Izumo Taisha Shrine, Kumano Sanzan Shrine, the 30th Anniversary Grand Festival of Tenkawa Daihenzaiten Shrine, and the Goshikigami Grand Festival of Heitate Jingu Shrine.

    In recognition of her activities, in the fall of 2018, the 160th anniversary of the exchange between France and Japan, she was awarded the "Order of Encouragement of Social Merit" from Ancrajuman Publique, France, the first Japanese female artist to receive this honor. In the fall of 2018, the 160th anniversary of Japan-France relations, she received the "Order of the Encouragement of Social Merits," Commandeur (former 3rd class, "present" Grand Crowned Gold Medal) from the Anclagement Publique.

    The world's first ceremony to confer the Order of the French Rite of Honor on a Japanese shrine was held at Akasaka Hie Shrine in Tokyo, where she officially dedicated the last light dance of the Heisei period. The 3rd Emoto Peace Prize was awarded at the same time.

     Core Fellow, Life Network Forum, Inc.

    Honorary member of Japan-India Women's Forum.

    Artistic Director of Peace Mudra Art Company. Organizer of Lisa Tibetan Exercise.

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"Japanese sword"
Daisuke Obara

Sho Shihan
of Kenbu Tenshinryu Headquarters

  • Profile

    He is the president of Kulika Synchronic
    Art School, a director of Kulika Tibet Support NPO,
    and a Sho Shihan of Kenbu Tenshinryu Headquarters.
    In 1995, he did the work of
    Hado measurement and crystal experiments
    under Dr. Masaru Emoto.
    In 1996, he met José and Lloydine Agüelles
    and started to spread the "13 Moon Calendar".
    He has studied Tenshintai-do f
    rom Ki martial arts with master Hiroyuki Aoki,
    and also teaches it.

    His books include
    "The Calendar of the Universe:
    13 Months- New Edition"
    (Pleiades Publisher),
    "The Art of Spirituality:
    Techniques to Nurture the Richness of the Heart"
    (Chuo Art Publishing)
    "[Tenchi jinin nintere ware ittai]
    Uchu to mellow with the universe,
    the ultimate heart method"
    (Hikaru Land Publisher).

    Co-author with Dr. Emoto of
    "Galactic Maya, Secrets of the Sacred Time"
    (Hikaru Land Publisher).

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Victor Kinjo
Musician and Environmentalist
  • Profile

    Victor Kinjyo will be with us
    and perform music.
    He lives in Brazil,
    and he is the 3rd generation of Japanese.
    Singer, songwriter, researcher, writer,
    producerFourth-generation Japanese-Brazilian
    world citizenNominated as Best Singer
    at the Brazilian Music Awards 2018
    for his first album KINJO (MTR Records/YB Music, 2017)

    Visiting scholar at New York University
    Tisch School of the Arts,
    studying the power of music in river
    regenerationPostdoc researcher at the Institute
    of Advanced Studies of the University
    of São Paulo, researching public policies
    and cultural actions for river regeneration
    in São Paulo and other Global CitiesPhD
    in Social Sciences at the University of CampinasIn
    his second album Terraqueos/Earthlings(YB Music, 2022),
    he melts Brazilian and Okinawan sonorities
    with World MusicHe launched the videomusic
    VEM PRO RIO, recorded in an expedition
    from the source to the mouth of
    Tietê river in São Paulo Organized
    the I NAVEGA SP Festival in a boat
    moored at the polluted Tietê River in São Paulo,
    aiming to gather attention of the society
    for the importance of urban river regeneration
    He has been learning, writing and singing songs,
    from different traditions, to the waters.

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Enshu Tenryu Taiko
Drumming Organization

  • Profile

    Formed in 1995.
    Asuka Daigoro is the organizer of
    Mai-Daiko Asuka-gumi in Nara Prefecture in Japan.
    Under the guidance of Mr. Daigoro Asuka,
    the group performs beautiful Taiko drumming
    that is both powerful and beautiful even to watch.

     Name of the drum performance: 

    The Tenryu River that flows
    from deep in the mountains.
    The sounds of many animals
    and the rustling of trees

    echo with one another,
    reminding us of the breath of life.
    The Tenryu River nurtures such life.
    This Taiko performance expresses
    the strength and greatness of life.
    The "dialogue" that reminds us of the call
    of Mother Nature, which is impressive.

    The Tenryu River flows into the Sea
    of Enshu and makes waves.
    The waves that form when the Tenryu River
    flows into the Sea of Enshu
    and the sea and the river mingle.
    This Ryouha is the image of a dragon depicted
    in the large waves that push in and out
    and the small waves that recede.
    The song is based on the image of a
    dragon in the small waves.

     This drumming is accompanied
    by musical instruments such as a tub, flutes,
    and a chappa and so the everyone
    will be able to enjoy it together.

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This is the ceremony held in Hamamatsu City in 2022.

Prayer Ceremony

October 17
@ Hamanako Bentenjima, Ikarise

Music and dance artists,
Prayer masters of various races
and religions from around the world

Each of them will bring out their individuality
and harmonize them to

Prayers to the water will be offered in harmony.

(You Tube LIVE)

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This event is to "connect with people all around the world through the World Water Festival and to
pray for the earth with all our hearts as one.
Originally, "MATSURI" was held to
give appreciation to God.
Since ancient times, "festivals" and "prayers"
have been held in order to bring "
people and nature" together,
and "people and people" together in symbiosis.
AS we have not been able to do such
an important MATSURI since 2020, 
it is time for all of us to unite for the prayers.
We are very happy to make it a free online event so everyone can join us from everywhere on earth.
However, there are various costs involved
in holding this Festival,
so we welcome with much appreciation for your kind support from everyone who share our goals and objectives, as well as everyone
who would like to make donations.
The event will include beautiful 3D video projection (Projction Mapping), Japanese Taiko drums, traditional art such as sward dance called Kenbu, songs,
and a prayer ceremony as the late
Dr. Masaru Emoto always did.
We would like to share the spirituality
and wonderful culture of Japan with the world and unite the world to give more Love and Harmony
to the earth through this
"World Water Festival".
We appreciate you very much
for your cooperation and support.
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