Connecting the "world"

uniting the "world"

Following in the footsteps of his father, Masaru Emoto,
he is on a mission to spread the teachings
of Hado technology and the teachings
of water crystals in Japan and around the world.

Hiromasa Emoto

Research on court rituals handed down
from ancient times and the dissemination
of technology of
"spirit of words", "prayer," and "water”.

 Yasuhiko Aso

Through the establishment of three companies,
he became aware of environmental activities,
conservation of Satoyama (village forest)
and development of water purification technology.

                           Gensei Kure                          

 In the fall of 2021, these three people
prayed for world peace
at the Heitate Jingu Shrine in Minami-Aso, Japan.

 “There must be something we can do
together for peace on earth….

What could it be?”

 The word “Matsuri” emerged from subsequent encounters and discussions among these three.



“Water” is the source of life.
“Water” connects all beings and all things.

Modern society is centered on economic activities
with a disregard for the sanctity of life.

People are fighting, and the natural environment
is being destroyed due to people’s disrespect for it.

 What will happen to the world if this continues?

 Now is the time to return to the origin.

 Water is the origin of life.

We realize that water is the source of life
and the one that binds all beings together.
All waters can communicate, unite and become one.

Water is equal to all beings.

We ourselves are made of water.

 Learning from water and praying
for appreciation for water will be an opportunity
to share our thoughts for peace and the natural
environment with people around the world,
and to embrace the earth with love and gratitude.

Matsuri  / Festival 

A ceremony where deities and people
gather to give appreciation

in a sacred and joyous manner.

The word "matsuri" originally meant the worship
of deities and its rituals.

Festivals and prayers,
which have been practiced since ancient times,
are sacred festivals and systems
that mankind created for the coexistence
of people with nature and people with each other.

  “Matsuri" is the answer to connect
and realize the following aspirations.

 ・To restore the connection between people
with nature and between people with people.

 ・To be in harmony with all beingsand
share the richness of our spirit.

 ・To raise people's awareness of peace and nature.

 ・To introduce Japanese cultureand
spirituality to the world.

Inori / Prayer 

Does “Inori (Prayer)” Change the World?
The Science of “Inori”.

“Inori” is much more than
an extension of religious rituals.

 There are more than 40,000 articles
on "prayer" in the world,
and especially recently, there are
experiments that prove its effectiveness
through scientific approaches.

In her book "The Power of Eight,"
British journalist Lynne McTaggart
reports on the experiments she conducted
to send consciousness to a group of people
who were sick with the desire to heal themselves
and eliminate conflict from the world.

From large-scale experiments that
recruited participants from all over the
world to small-scale experiments
with as few as 8 people, and with targets ranging
from plant seeds to humans
to conflict zones around the world,
group "prayer" has produced powerful
"forces" that can heal illness,
repair relationships, and reduce the incidence
of conflicts and violence.

The results were beyond expectations.
The most wonderful thing discovered
during the experiment was that not only
the subjects who received the consciousness,
but also the people who sent
the consciousness had clear effectsat the individual
level that could even be described as ecstatic,
as they felt less lonely.

Change the World with Prayers for Water

Water is the source of life.

Water stores Hado (vibration) and is its medium.

Prayer is Hado that sublimated individual thoughts
and consciousness energy.

 By offering the vibrations of prayer
to the water of Lake Hamana,
we return them to the Pacific Ocean
seawater = the source of life,
and by sending the energy of prayer
into the great circle of nature,
we promote the transformation of people,
the environment,and the earth.

Through the creative field of MATSURI,
each individual's prayers,
though small at first, are amplified
and expanded through the butterfly effect
and mutual resonance with the power of
nature and the power of life.

This will shake the collective unconsciousness
of humanity and even the Gaia consciousness
of the earth toward harmony
and integration, and beyond; “true peace on earth”...

”The Hidden Messages in Water”
Masaru Emoto

He was born in Yokohama in July 1943.

Established I.H.M. Co. Ltd. in 1986.
He began his research on water and
Hado (vibration) after encountering
the resonant magnetic field analyzer called
“MRA “and micro-cluster water in the United States.

 To prove his original hypothesis that
"water stores memory and retains information,"
he succeeded in taking the world's
first photographs of ice water crystals.

 As a pioneer in Hado technology,
he has also provided Hado consultations
to numerous people, including celebrities.

As a missionary of water,
he gave more than 1,000 lectures
in 60 countries around the world.

Through water crystal photographs,
he learned the great impact that prayer has on water,
and every time he went on a lecture tour
around the world to bring peace to the Earth,
he offered prayers of love and gratitude
for water with local people at rivers,
lakes, oceans, and other places.

 He established a non-profit organization
Emoto Peace Project in July 2011.

He was the author of numerous books.
Among them, his masterpieces
"The Hidden Messages in Water"
(New York Times Bestseller)
and "Message from Water"
are bestsellers having sold
more than 5 million copies in translation.

He left his physical body on the 17th October, 2014.

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